Permanent Jewelry

We now offer permanent jewelry!
💎 Permanent jewelry is a necklace or bracelet that doesn't have a typical clasp for easy removal. We measure you and cut the chain to your exact desired fit, then we weld the ends of the custom cut chain together! No, it doesn't hurt at all and it is not dangerous in the least! Need to take it off for some reason? Kitchen scissors or nail clippers work, believe it or not. And we can re-weld it back together for you anytime. No it is not a piercing and no it is not imbedded in your skin! Completely painless and easy as pie, our welding process is a quick zapp of the chain and it never touches your skin!
💎 Offered in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold filled chains, and premium 14K solid gold!
💎  Boston Public Market every day except Tuesdays (please message us ahead of time to make sure we will be there!)
💎 To book your 20min appt or plan your party, please email us or DM us on instagram or facebook. Allow 2 business days for our response.
We offer a curated collection of premium 14k solid gold chains, 14K Gold filled, and sterling silver. Our permanent jewelry is priced per inch, beginning at $50+up for a sterling silver bracelet, and up from there. The cost varies depending on the desired chain thickness and metal, ranging from $6 (silver) to $28 per inch (solid thicker gold). Then we add a welding fee for our expertise and services.
REPAIRS: We use delicate chains for our permanent jewelry from 1.3mm-3.5mm. If your permanent jewelry breaks at the weld point we will repair it at no cost. You can mail it to us and we can add on a clasp to your chain as well so you can continue to wear it. 
A larger repair fee will be charged if the jewelry has been broken in too many places or has become stretched because of improper care.  You MUST have your piece for it to be repaired. We do not offer refunds or replacements for lost jewelry.
*Average wrist size is about 6"-7", average ankle size is 8"-11". Neck chains are typically 14"-18".

*Tax is not included in this calculation, and will be applied at checkout.
All sales of permanent jewelry are final sale.
Not Ready to make it permanent? We can easily put a clasp on any chain to make it a traditional bracelet or anklet for you!