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The Victorian Bridal Hair Comb, Comb Pearl and Rhinestone Brooch, Bridal Brooch, Bridal Hair Comb, Bridal Hair Comb, Champagne hair comb

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Stunning and made my hand with sterling silver wire wrapping, swarovski rhinestones, freshwater pearls, swarovski pearls, and swarovski crystals.

This brooch is available as a hair comb or a sew on brooch which can be sewn into a dress, belt, handbag, etc. If you want a safety pin added onto it let me know via my etsy message, but if you want this to embellish a wedding gown or belt, i would suggest having this as a free form stand alone brooch (sew on brooch) and having it professionally sewn into your gown/belt.

It is about 2.5" in diameter.

Because these are handmade, each comb will vary slightly in size, shape, and design.